Jennifer’s Perspective

February 13, 2014

(Jennifer’s Perspective) My perspective of voting rights for women is quite small. I feel that we suffered through the protesting and rebelling and got our voting rights. Although, I feel that this blog isn’t just based on our voting rights. This is based on women’s rights in our overall history. When women started realizing that they should be able to work to, they discovered a whole sort of things. Women discovered that they should not only be able to vote and work, but to fend for themselves and not be controlled by men because in the 1800’s that how the world was! The world was controlled by men and their decisions and once the women figured that out, things changed! They tried to get jobs not just to make a difference in American history, but for themselves too!  “They were motivated by a love of learning.” (Norgren) Women are still discriminated against today in many societies, so even tho we have rights, we still are not treated equally. “In agriculture, women make up more than 40 percent of the labor force, but only represent between 3 to 20 percent of landholders. In Africa, women-owned enterprises make up as little as 10 percent of all businesses–and in South Asia, only 3 percent. And despite representing half the global population, women compromise less than 20 percent of the world’s legislators.” (US Aid Form the American People) These are a few examples of how we have evolved in history, but we still have much to endure if we want to get women’s rights as equal as men’s rights.

Norgren, Jill. “Rebels at the Bar.” NYU Press. 2013 NYU Press, 2013. Web. 13 Feb. 2014.

“Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.” U.S. Agency for International Development. US Aid From the American People, n.d. Web. 12 Feb. 2014.

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  •    Inloes, Terri  |  February 17th, 2014 at 4:20 pm     Reply

    I like this twist of topics. I agree that voting rights was important, but it was the tip of the iceberg. What are you researching next?

    •    Van Bueren, Jennifer  |  February 18th, 2014 at 7:42 pm     Reply

      Issues in other parts of the world

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