When we first started this project, our group was mainly thinking about Women’s voting rights. We didn’t think about going in any further detail or expanding out research. As we started doing this, I found that we couldn’t be as creative or passionate about it as we could be. I wanted to go outside of the box on thinking about Women’s rights or just rights in general.  For me, talking about peoples rights, equality, inequality etc. is something that I get very passionate about and something that is very important to address. As our team discussed how we could change things up, we found ourselves making post after post. When before we didn’t quite know what to do. We still talked about Women’s rights but then went into education rights, sex trafficking, racism, Gay rights, etc. Once we got a little creative we found that there were endless possibilities to what we could talk about, and we could not stop making posts!

As we dug further into research, we were finding different events and situations that happened in the past. When we read further into it, we started making connections to all of the current events that were going on during modern day, in the United States and overseas. We tend to think that all those terrible things that happened our just a part of our history and are over with, but when you really get to know your facts and think about it, a majority of those situations are still around and possibly getting worse. We made connections from women’s voting right’s  into education rights. From Women’s rights in general to sexism/slavery. And from that we made connections into Gay rights. We made a great amount of connections from past events into modern day events in the United States and in 3rd world countries.

I believe that one of our biggest realizations was that we could expand on our research. That we could get extremely creative and passionate and not be bored with sticking to one topic. At first we all thought that we had to stick to our one specific topic and not move in any other direction with it. Which was limiting us on getting passionate and excited, which is a huge reason why we are doing this is to use that passion to inform and inspire others. Once we got creative and started digging further in research we found that passion and figured out how many topics we could actually cover that were related to it. We came up with post after post!

For me, I find a huge passion and heart for helping people in general. To be more specific, I am very interested bullying,  education rights, sex trafficking and on the line of people being completely treated unfairly. To where people don’t even know who they are anymore and think that they have no purpose other than to follow what other people say or because they don’t know how to get help. I would go further in research on different modern day events that are going on that most people (mostly in the United States) know nothing about. Using my resources and using the passion that I have, I believe I could write so much and inform many people on these types of situations.

There are many differences between curating and collecting research. Curating you are using heart. You use emotion and find passion to do that certain job or write about that certain topic in this case. Using all of that passion, emotion, and excitement you use that in your work. When people look at it, or read it you want them to feel the passion that you have for it and know that you put your heart and creativity into it. On the other hand, when you are collecting research…you are just collection research. There is not really anything extremely special about it. Basically, you are just finding facts, or seeing what other people say about, using someone else’s passion and heart to just collect information to get what your doing good enough. You can collect information and still have passion for what your doing. But, for me curating is really digging deep and thinking about it, and collecting information is just sticking to the guide lines.

Our group did a great job with this project. We definitely dug deep in our information and came up with some really interesting topics. I do not see a lot of things that we did wrong, but at the very beginning of our project we definitely struggled with what to research and create a post about. We didn’t know what to do, we had this block in front of us that we didn’t know how to push away. From the very beginning we could have just opened up our minds and thoughts to go beyond instead of sticking to exactly what our topic was. We should have been more like curators and have been less on collecting information. Although, after we pushed that block away we began to think outside of the box and really think about all the things that we could do and we began to think more like curators and be curators.

I really wouldn’t change much on what we did. Like in the question above, I would just automatically start thinking outside of the box and not think that we had to stick to the exact same thing. Using your creativity, passion, and background knowledge can sometimes be the best thing that you can do. When people see that and notice it they are going to be blown away by all of your knowledge and heart for it. You always are going to want to follow what your doing, because you don’t want to go completely off topic, but you can always have fun with it and be creative.




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When I started this project, I thought it would only be about women’s voting rights. Now that I have done the project, my partners and I made it about civil rights around the world. Meaning things like the right to education, with Malala’s story. Also like the end of the socialist pyramid that America is formed in, explained through the victims from Occupy Wall Street and how they were pepper sprayed.

During this project, I learned that in a lot of countries around the world, women don’t have the same rights as men or are treated as the lesser sex. This helped me make connections to women protesting over the penalty of rape. Also how people in the Middle and Lower Class are treated as garbage by the Upper Class.


The biggest AHHA moment in this was when I realized how poorly everyone was treated, not just women. I had this moment when I saw protests for Treyvon Martin and how George Zimmerman got off Scot-free in his trial. Also how in Russia, it is basically illegal to be gay in public. That is enforced by officers with machine guns that will shoot you down if you do anything that is looked at as ‘gay’. And in North Korea, so many things are going on that are just evil. For example, if you are looked at as an enemy of the state, which is pretty easy, not only you will be locked up in a concentration camp, but three generations of your family. This means if your grandparents sympathized with South Korea in the Korean War, you will be locked up for life. Also the people in that country are so brainwashed that they think that is morally correct. And when Kim Jong Ill died, the whole nation cried.


If I could continue with my research, I would go into further depth of the protests in the 1800’s for equality. While doing this project, I kind of only wrote a two sentence paragraph on a picture I found. If I could go further I would do more research on inequality in the 1800’s, like I was supposed too.


While doing this project, I learned that curating is much harder than just finding research. When curating, you don’t know if someone is going to use your research or not. Because of this fact, you have to make sure it is credible, so as to not mess with someone who can only use your blog. While just finding research you still have to make sure it’s credible but no one else is going to use it, especially for a research paper.


In this blog, I had some successes and some failures. My successes include getting the information for Malala and her story. They also include Using all my resources, the internet, the news, and political Youtube videos, for my information for North Korea. My failures include not giving good captions to pictures. Also how I didn’t really do anything for the 1800’s. Those are just four of the many successes and failures that I have for this blog.


If I could redo this project, I would make some big adjustments to my strategy. First, I would coordinate with my partners better. Because we didn’t, there are multiple ‘Dangers of Protesting’ blogs. I would also try not to flop around on what I wrote about. In the blogs, I  did a picture of women protesting in the 1800’s, then I did a blog over dangers of protesting currently, then I did the same things for the 1800’s. Next I’d focus on ways to categorize my blogs better. In my first actual blog, I jumped from protesting for an education to economic reform in the US. That makes me look less professional.


This project has helped me get better at finding research. Before I would use one or two sources in my papers. In this project, I used multiple sources for a single topic and they didn’t always include the dangers of protesting. Also, it helped me get a good format for writing papers: the same format the teachers keep saying to use but I never do, Topic paragraph, supportive, supportive, supportive, conclusion.


In this project, I learned how to find good sources and make it easier on myself to make good and accurate citations. Maybe using EasyBib and making it cite for me. This will save me time and make my citations correct, so I don’t accidentally plagiarize. That will save my grade in High School. Finally I learned how to tell if something is credible by checking multiple sources for the same information.


In the future, I’m going to use a blog to possibly turn things in or to communicate with people. I can turn in assignments by sharing access to my blog with my teacher like we did here. If they will accept late work that way, I can have everything turned in, all the time. It will help me communicate with people if they have similar interests. Like most of my friends meet a ton of people from around the world through their blogs, which they have set up for different ‘fandoms’.

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We started with this project by looking through a couple of questions about some pictures. This has turned into so much more then a couple of questions about a picture. I started thinking about my topic when we learned about the industrial revolution and how women started taking charge and once I realized I could do that for this project, I jumped right on to the opportunity. At first I thought that the women were doing it so that they can help each other to have their rights, but then discovered that, the women were not only doing this for that. The women were protesting for freedom, rights, their own voice, and just in general equality. Mt thinking specifically changed when I started to research how the women were treated specifically, for example, sex trafficking, clothing requirements, not being able to leave the country, not being able to give birth to a specific gender and so many other awful unequal actions. I learned about the dangers that women had to face and the dangers of what women protesting are encountering today. In the 1800’s the women were abused by their own fellow citizens, arrested, ignored, beat up, and got trash talked to. Women today are also facing violence, being arrested, beaten, pepper sprayed and trash talked. A big connection that we made from protesting for voting rights in the 1800’s to today would be gay rights. Gay rights is not just an issue for women, we have made a connection for both genders on something that the world is still feuding between. Gay rights was something that I had completely forgotten about and finally, when I made the connection, that was my largest AHHA moment throughout the entire project. I would definitely continue to go on with my research,  although, I don’t know what I would research. I would next research how the prisons have changed from how they used to be in the 1900’s. Throughout this project, I have learned so much and would not stop researching on this valuable topic to history.

There is such a large difference between curating and collecting research. Curating, your creating emotion and feeling about something and giving it more meaning then just words. It also creates a larger image and puts you in a spot where you feel something so strong about the subject you are discovering. Collecting research, all it does is give you a sense of what is happening and the cold hard facts. It gives you no sense of how it was, just what happened. Although, the two put together is passion and information in one bowl. When you put curating and research together you create a sense of knowledge and feeling about not just what others might encounter. Curating and research put together, allow you to create a sense of feeling that goes under the skin of everything on your topic put together.

This project has done so much for me, yet I encountered some difficulties and successes. I have encountered more successes, some being, finding specific types of dangers, research outside of the Unites States about today’s inequality and the chain reaction caused from women that started to work. Although, some difficulties I found that were hard was trying to find physical protests that are happening in the U.S.A. and at the beginning thinking outside the box. If I were to do this project over again, I would not change my strategies because I went home and worked on it, used credible sites, and started thinking more and more outside the box as I grew collecting information throughout the project. This project will help me with so much throughout my future schooling career. For example, it helped me learn how to use and create a blog,  think outside the box and go into emotional depth about situations, and help me to show the world about the knowledge and research my group and I have discovered for equality rights.

I learned a lot through this project, not just about  my topic but the technology to find this information. I learned about how to show the world your knowledge and help others to inform them about issues that use to happen. I also learned, the web has so much information and a extremely large sense of knowledge about everything. Although, not everything is trustworthy to use and I learned which sites were credible and how they show it. For example, if it is a extremely large, known site and has an author and information that is correct, I have learned that is a credible site. I can see using a blog in the future for many other projects in school, actually in life. I can start to use a blog to express feelings or research and post more information about a specific topic. I learned that I am very picky on how I have to do everything. I learned I have to start the project before I can start thinking outside the box. This project helped me learn that not everything is a blunt and cold as it may seem and each different historical difference has it’s own story. This project has especially improved how well I think outside the box and how important it is to use detail. In all, I have learned many things about equality, but truly think that I have gained more knowledge on how I personally think about any information given to me.

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Gay Rights

Gay rights to this day has become a constant battle between whether Gay marriage should be legal or not, or if being gay is right. I believe though that the only reason people think that they are gay is because of sexism and discrimination. I have talked about this a little in another post but I decided to go further in detail in this and to a more extreme extent.

I think that the only reason people decide to come out as gay is because the world around us tells them that they are. If your a boy and you dance or like fashion, our generation tells that boy/man that they are gay and are not a “real man.” When in the first place the guy could have been perfectly fine but just had a different taste in what sports or hobbies he liked. But, when people start to come in and make fun of that person and yell out all of these lies and telling them that they are Gay, they start to believe that and pursue that. They think that because they like those things they must have a different interest in genders. It is the same thing with women. If a girl liked football or is a tomboy then they are automatically lesbian according to our generation. Then the people who begin to think that they are Gay, say that God made them that way. When is reality he didn’t He made them to be a male and like females or to be a female and like males. ONLY when people start to say that if you like a certain sport, hobby, activity, fashion, etc. then you are gay. I can guarantee though that if no one told them that, and said they were completely normal but just had different interests, no one would think that they are gay.

We have this issue now in the worlds because of sexism and discrimination against others, and continues to become a bigger issue.

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Men’s advantages over Women’s

All over the world men are superior. Whether it’s in the United States or overseas. In the U.S. sexism isn’t ad bad as it is on other places, but it definitely still exists. Our society is constantly putting different sports, jobs, hobbies, etc. into categories of what is for women and what is for men. Sports like football, rugby, basketball…etc. Men think that they are the only ones who can only play those types of sports to a certain athletic level. They do not think that women can’t play them all together, but they definitely do think that they can’t play as well as men would. Which are cases of showing sexism. Women although are slowly proving that they can do these things, but I believe that our society will always feel this way about the situation and continue to proclaim that, even if it isn’t true.

In other countries, sexism has become a really big deal. Women are told that their purpose in life is to serve. Basically, they are told to stay home, clean, cook, take care of the children, do all the house chores, yard chores, etc. Women are not aloud to have jobs or pursue the life that they want to live. Women are considered property. The men are the ones who are aloud to have jobs, live the life that they want to live, dress the way that they want to, and pursue anything. Even when men and women are married, the man will not treat his wife in a respectable manner. They think that they are worth more and should be served by their wife all the time.

Women are still being treated this way to this day if we believe it or not. Sometimes we think that slavery is gone, sexism is gone, racism is gone, etc. but in reality it is all still there. Whether we can see it or not, it’s their and is getting worse as time goes on.

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Jennifer’s Perspective about Women’s Suffrage

As I researched the Women’s Suffrage, I figured out that, there is more to it then what is in the information. As I though about how women were protesting for their own rights, I thought how hard it must have been to live their lives. I though about how I get to come to school everyday with my friends and live under a house with my family. These women sacrificed everything to change how they were being treated, eventually world history too. After I went through the hatred for all those who were unequal to another, I thought about how awful the consequences were for the women once they started protesting. They gave up their jobs and then got arrested and brought to jail for what they had done. During jail, they were wearing the same clothing, women started starving themselves and had to be force fed, and on top of that, they were getting beaten. These conditions honestly make me sick just thinking about them. Although, it makes me proud to be a women in today’s day of age. Not because i have all of the rights these women were protesting for, but because I can say that our gender never gave up and decided that it was not right to treat others unequal from each other. I will be forever grateful for what they have done for the women of the United States.

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Freedom From Sufferage

“Photo, Print, Drawing Mary Winsor (Penn.) ’17 [holding Suffrage Prisoners Banner].” Mary Winsor (Penn.) ’17 [holding Suffrage Prisoners Banner]. Library of Congress, n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2014.

This image, I feel, expresses that not only women were protesting against suffrage prisoners being treated unfairly. This picture is from the 1920’s when the voting rights for women was past and women could start voting. Although, the women still went to jail for protesting against this and this is what this picture is about. When the women went to jail, they would refuse to eat or be abused for what they have down outside of jail. After the women started protesting for voting rights and started going to jail for it, other civilians started to protest about how the women should not be treated poorly in jail. In this case, these protests are chain reaction and it continued until the problems were fixed. This affects our essential question because every other factor in the voting rights came off the main idea of equality. In this picture, she represents that there is still no inequality for anyone who goes to jail for protesting. By the end, today we still don’t have inequality, but comparing to how conditions in jail used to be, we have definitely improved.

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2014 Dangers of Protesting

In today’s age, what looks like a perfect world to me is no where near perfect once I started researching about protesting dangers. “First and foremost is police brutality. Regardless of who’s right or wrong that’s not going to end well for anyone.” This comment from The Wise Sloth is one of the many dangers of protesting today. Police are enforced to keep civilians safe, that’s their job, but women are still trying to convince the world that both genders are the equal and until that happens, protesting will not come to an end. Second, a danger not many people would realize, but is out there, would be other citizens not agreeing with you. There have been many cases of protesting and fights broke out in the middle of the street because two people did not believe in the same thing. In Colorado Springs, I don’t come across many physical protests like marching outside a building holding a sign or people creating associations to protest. We have so many actions that are not right in today’s age, but we chose to be more civil and use our knowledge and compromise, until it is necessary to become physical (which it should not be necessary.) By the end, I believe that our world still had dangers when protesting, but we have evolved from when we were protesting for Woman’s Rights.

“The Wise Sloth.” Web log post. The Wise Sloth. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Feb. 2014.

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Sophia’s Perspective on Inequality

I believe that everyone is created equal and has something special about them. Whether it’s their gender, race, beliefs, appearance…etc, there is no difference.  No one was created the same, every person is unique and has a special purpose. People discriminate against others because they want them to live up to the standard or “normal” or to be like everyone else. But, there is no such thing as “normal.” Our society has this idea of what normal is, and if your not like that, you are automatically different and not treated the same. Especially in the United States, everybody feels like they have to be somebody and impress others in order to be with the crowd. Sometimes, when people do this, it means them having to put others down and make them look less than. Mostly, when people do this it shows that they have been treated unfairly in the past, and they are trying to make themselves feel better or make up for all the times that they were not treated right, and finally have people like them and want to be around them. It is this huge cycle that goes on over and over again.

There is also a tremendous amount of racism and unfairness that goes on all around the world to an extreme extent. Women are not aloud to have an education, men think they are superior, Christian’s being killed or held hostage overseas because of their beliefs, slavery, racism, and so much more. I feel so strongly about these kinds of situations and really believe that they need to be stopped. Equality issues will never stop, but I feel like our generation needs to do as much as they can to lessen it and to help others. You need to treat others the way that you would want to be treated.

Luke 6:27-31 “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either. Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back. And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.”



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Women’s Sex Trafficking

In 3rd world countries each year, more than 100,000 children/women are tricked, coerced, or forced into the commercial sex trade.  Basically  they are forced to become prostitutes. Often girls and women or sold by their families into this type of slavery. Although, sometimes you will find young women selling themselves. They need money, and they also feel worthless and not valuable because of the way they are treated. Sometimes, they go into this to feel like someone wants them because of how miss treated they are. Women can be sold at a very young age by their own family into sex trafficking, (ages 7+).  The young women do not know how important they are and how loved they are because no one tells them that or cares about them, so they feel unimportant all the time.  It is a regular day in life for them to feel this way and to be put into types of situations like this, they don’t know any different but they do know that they should not be treated like this.

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