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When we first started this project, our group was mainly thinking about Women’s voting rights. We didn’t think about going in any further detail or expanding out research. As we started doing this, I found that we couldn’t be as creative or passionate about it as we could be. I wanted to go outside of […]

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When I started this project, I thought it would only be about women’s voting rights. Now that I have done the project, my partners and I made it about civil rights around the world. Meaning things like the right to education, with Malala’s story. Also like the end of the socialist pyramid that America is […]

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We started with this project by looking through a couple of questions about some pictures. This has turned into so much more then a couple of questions about a picture. I started thinking about my topic when we learned about the industrial revolution and how women started taking charge and once I realized I could […]

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Gay Rights

Gay rights to this day has become a constant battle between whether Gay marriage should be legal or not, or if being gay is right. I believe though that the only reason people think that they are gay is because of sexism and discrimination. I have talked about this a little in another post but […]

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