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Jennifer’s Perspective about Women’s Suffrage

As I researched the Women’s Suffrage, I figured out that, there is more to it then what is in the information. As I though about how women were protesting for their own rights, I thought how hard it must have been to live their lives. I though about how I get to come to school […]

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Sophia’s Perspective on Inequality

I believe that everyone is created equal and has something special about them. Whether it’s their gender, race, beliefs, appearance…etc, there is no difference.  No one was created the same, every person is unique and has a special purpose. People discriminate against others because they want them to live up to the standard or “normal” […]

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National Woman Suffrage Association

“National Woman Suffrage Association.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 19 Jan. 2014. Web. 19 Feb. 2014. This picture represents the women’s suffrage. From the picture, I believe from the sign on the front, that this is where the suffrage women held their meetings, recruiting events and campaign decisions. I have taken this conclusion from the picture because the […]

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Civil Rights Protesting Today (Stephen’s Perspective)

This is Malala Yousafzai. She is a young girl from Afghanistan. Because of the Militant Muslim perspective that rules the country, she could not go to school. When she decided she wanted to go to school, she started speaking out and protesting. Sadly, this got her shot. One day while she was on her bus, some […]

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Jennifer’s Opinion About Inequality Around the World

Inequality has been an issue for far too many centuries. In my opinion, women’s rights are an issue that every year we learn about and feel sorry about, but we then forget what we have learned and felt once the unit is over. Going into more depth of my research about women’s rights is changing […]

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Jennifer’s Perspective

(Jennifer’s Perspective) My perspective of voting rights for women is quite small. I feel that we suffered through the protesting and rebelling and got our voting rights. Although, I feel that this blog isn’t just based on our voting rights. This is based on women’s rights in our overall history. When women started realizing that […]

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