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2014 Dangers of Protesting

In today’s age, what looks like a perfect world to me is no where near perfect once I started researching about protesting dangers. “First and foremost is police brutality. Regardless of who’s right or wrong that’s not going to end well for anyone.” This comment from The Wise Sloth is one of the many dangers of […]

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Civil Rights Protesting Today (Stephen’s Perspective)

This is Malala Yousafzai. She is a young girl from Afghanistan. Because of the Militant Muslim perspective that rules the country, she could not go to school. When she decided she wanted to go to school, she started speaking out and protesting. Sadly, this got her shot. One day while she was on her bus, some […]

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Women’s Civil Rights

Our group chose voting rights because we feel that the rebel of American citizens had a very large impact on how our world operates today. If we never had the protest of voting rights, we wouldn’t have as many American rights and wouldn’t have as much freedom right now without those historical events. Our group […]

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