National Woman Suffrage Association

February 19, 2014


“National Woman Suffrage Association.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 19 Jan. 2014. Web. 19 Feb. 2014.

This picture represents the women’s suffrage. From the picture, I believe from the sign on the front, that this is where the suffrage women held their meetings, recruiting events and campaign decisions. I have taken this conclusion from the picture because the tent has a sign on the front explaining what the tent was for and why it was there. Also, the women standing next to the sign I believe were either watch guards, welcome-rs or the ladies in charge of that specific area in the U.S.. The two women could possibly be watch guards because there was a lot of arresting and uncivil like conduct that the women for voting rights protest had to encounter. These two women could have possibly held off the officers until most of the women could run and escape from being beaten or put in jail. Or the the female gaurds were there just to warn them that something might happen and to be aware. Next, the two women could be welcome-rs, for they are the ones to introduce the new women to what the suffrage was about and how everything worked. Last of all, the two women could have been the area’s women, for voting rights, leaders because one of the two women was wearing a sash that said “Marshal” and the other lady on the left could have been her assistance adviser for the suffrage. In all, I believe that this is a very meaningful picture, for the message that is sent to it’s viewers is very effective.

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